About Us

What is Houston Sports & Social Club? 


We offer a variety of co-ed sports leagues & tournaments as well as a wide array of social events & activities. We are always searching for new and creative ways to have a good time and our main objective is to have fun!  HoustonSSC is committed to improving the lives of our customers, our team members, and our community by providing programs and services focused on enhancing social, physical, and mental health. Our goals are driven by our motto: Meet People. Stay Active. Have Fun. Give Back. 


We strive to create a welcoming and recreational league for adults at all skill levels! We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. At the end of the day, we are lucky to be in the business of FUN! Sign-up for our newsletter so you will be the first to know about our sports leagues, tournaments, social events, charity fundraisers, and vounteer opportunities. We promise not to flood your inbox and you can unsubscribe anytime. 


Why get involved? 


Meet People: Sign-up as individual, with friends, or an entire team. All sports are co-ed. 

Stay Active: Improve your health while doing something you enjoy.

Have Fun: No matter your level of play, everyone has the opportunity to have a good time in a supportive environment. We take good sportsmanship seriously, and bad behavior will not be tolerated. 

Give Back: We offer many opportunities to benefit the community. Whether it's playing in a charity tournament or volunteering your time.


What makes us different? 


Happy hours after every game: Come meet other players and enjoy exclusive HoustonSSC specials at our sponsor bar. 

No annual membership fee: Sign-up for what you want and nothing more, all leagues and events are a-la-carte.

Support for the community: We are committed to partnering with local businesses and charities whenever possible. 


Who are we? 


HoustonSSC was founded in 2011 by Omid Rafiei. He and his wife, Andrea Rafiei, met in a kickball league in Austin. When their life took them to Houston, Omid wanted to create a similar type of business that brought him and his wife together. What started as a side business with Omid working on the couch, quickly grew into a full-time job. By 2013, Omid and Andrea had both left their careers in the corporate world to go all in on the business! Today we have 7 full-time staff and about 50 part-time field staff and contractors!! 




Omid Rafiei



Hometown: Dallas, TX

Alma Mater: UT Austin - Hook em'! And St. Edwards for Grad School.

Family: My beautiful wife, Andrea, is also my VP! We have an adorable son, Jordan, and another one on the way.

Supervisor Night: I'm on call as needed every night. 

Strangest Thing I've Ever Eaten: Yogurt goes with everything.

Spirit Animal: Camel with two humps.

First Concert: Meatloaf, it's not just for dinner!










Andrea Rafiei

Vice President


Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Alma Mater: LSU - Geaux Tigers!

Family: I’m married to the President, Omid Rafiei, and we have a 15mo old son and another on the way!

Supervisor Night: It used to be every night when we started the business, but these days I'm on duty to watch our son every night. 

Strangest Thing I've Ever Eaten: Alligator which is fabulous when grilled properly.

Spirit Animal: A monkey because they are smart and cute.

First Concert: I think Jazz Fest in NOLA was technically my first multi-concert experience in high school, but the first stand alone concert I saw was Radiohead in college. 







Ashleigh Yelovich

Marketing & Events Coordinator


Hometown: Wylie, TX

Alma Mater: Rice University

Family: I am married to my best friend and we have three crazy dogs and a demon cat. My family is from the Dallas area and they constantly tell me I need to move back. I still cheer for the Cowboys down here though!

Supervisor Night: 

Strangest Thing I've Ever Eaten: Ox tongue. It was actually pretty good

Spirit Animal: Shark

First Concert: Cross Canadian Ragweed









Ashley Edwards

General Operations Manager


Hometown: Montgomery, TX

Alma Mater: Texas A&M University - Gig 'em!

Family: I'm married to my favorite guy ever. I have the world's best parents, brother, in-laws, and nieces. I have four amazing fur-babies and also one really incredibly mean cat.

Supervisor Night: Thursday nights yo! The party night! 

Strangest Thing I've Ever Eaten: Pickled quail eggs. One of my worst ideas.

Spirit Animal: I would definitely be a giraffe because it's the opposite of being 5'0" and I think the world would look so awesome from way up high. 

First Concert: Maroon 5 when I was a baby pre-teen.








Jocelyn Knowles

Marketing / Administrative Assistant


Hometown: Houston, Texas

Alma Mater: University of Houston - Go Coogs!

Family: I am number 4 out of 5 siblings, and there's a huge gap between the child before me (10 years) and the child after me (16 years). :) 

Supervisor Night: It varies.

Strangest Thing I've Ever Eaten: Paper, when I was a child of course.

Spirit Animal: I would be a panda bear because I’m cute and cuddly.

First Concert: Destiny's Child at the Rodeo when I was 6 years old. The lady who gave us tickets bought me the Destiny's Child dolls and I still have them to this day. 









Pedro Garcia

Field Operations Manager


Hometown: Harlingen, TX

Alma Mater: Texas Tech - Guns Up!

Family: I live with my fur-baby, Maya Denise.

Supervisor Night: I supervise Sunday leagues and oversee all weekday leagues. Sunday Funday is fun to watch. 

Strangest Thing I've Ever Eaten: Snail, it was actually pretty good with lemon, hot sauce and salt. 

Spirit Animal: I would be a Hippo. Everyone loves a hippopotamus, even the word is fun to say.

First Concert: I don't go to many concerts, but my favorite was the Rock For the Roses in Austin. Stone Temple Pilots and Cake played. 







Reid Pakes

Field Operations Assistant


Hometown: Austin, TX

Alma Mater: Texas A&M University. Whoop!!!

Family: Just got married to my beautiful wife Amy! (who is also an A&M grad)

Supervisor Night: Varies, but I will oversee all weekday nights.

Strangest Thing I've Ever EatenMilkBone (for dogs). When I was 7 years old, my mom was shopping and I wanted to stay in the car. I was getting hungry and decided to have a Milkbone that we had bought for my dog earlier that day.

Spirit Animal: I would be a Husky because I love the cold and am loyal to the pack (friends and family)!

First Concert: Weezer; Pork and Beans









League Coordinators and Sports Officials 


We are proud to be the only league in Houston that invests in League Coordinators at every game! League Coordinators are our eyes and ears on the ground making sure that everything goes smoothly. They communicate any issues that may arise to the nightly supervisor. League Coordinators are on site to support the sports officials and help with any questions that players may have. They are also responsible for obtaining the final scores from the sports official(s) and posting them along with team and game day photos.