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Unify PT is a physical therapy and wellness company for the people of Houston, TX. They work with active adults who care about their health and wellness and are willing to invest in themselves. The team focuses on giving people the clarity to take realistic daily action to build habits for lasting change that makes a noticeable difference in how they feel and enjoy life.


Mission: To empower active adults and athletes to protect their health and mobility through education, innovative rehabilitation techniques, and building a foundation through movement.



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Dr. Kimberly Aing grew up in Stafford, TX, playing high school volleyball and flag football leagues. She continued playing league games at the University of Texas at Austin and while attending PT school in San Diego, CA.



After Dr. Aing moved back to Houston in 2016, she wanted to continue playing sports, as this was her primary stress reliever, so she joined Houston Sports and Social Club. This allowed her to stay active, meet new people, and keep her competitive drive.


During league and tournament games, she noticed countless people getting injured. Some would ask her for advice or talk about lingering pain, with the most common statements of “pushing through the pain” or “if I rest, it’ll go away.” Then, that person disappears and can no longer participate in any games because of this injury.


After receiving her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, she continued her education and research through fellowship training. She also holds an advanced post-graduate diploma in Osteopractic, which qualifies her to treat specific neuromuscular pain and conditions. Having this subspecialty in the profession makes her one of the elite physical therapists in the Houston Area. Although not opposed to surgical and pharmaceutical interventions, her primary approach focuses on conservative, non-surgical management of musculoskeletal conditions. After the pain is resolved, Dr. Aing examines every detail of movement to ensure this injury is less likely to return.





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