All Indoor leagues have been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. All outdoor leagues are operating with special safety guidelines and protocols.
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To view the upcoming league start dates, visit the Registration page.



Sunday League: 1:00pm-6:30pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Leagues: 6:20-9:05

Gametimes will likely vary from week to week.


Click here for information on Value Priced Leagues!




$55 normal league/

$62 DH league

$540 normal league for up to 12 players + $40 for each add'l player/

$625 DH league for up to 12 players + $40 for each add'l player


$65 normal league/

$72 DH league

$660 normal league for up to 12 players + $40 for each add'l player/

$745 DH league for up to 12 players + $40 for each add'l player


$70 normal league/

$77 DH league

$720 normal league for up to 12 players + $40 for each add'l player/

$805 DH league for up to 12 players + $40 for each add'l player

DH = Doubleheaders (2 games/night)

*See below for deadlines

**Want to be on a team with your friends? Put their name(s) in the teammate requests section when registering!

***A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at time of registering (counts toward the full team fee). You can split up the

remainder of payments amongst your team members with TeamPayer.


Early Spring 2020 Registration Dates

Early Bird Registration Pricing - ends Early Spring I 2/11, ends Early Springr II 2/25

Regular Registration Pricing - ends Winter I 3/3, ends Winter II 3/11

Late Registration Pricing (WILL NOT RECEIVE LEAGUE SHIRTS) - after 2/25 Early Spring I, after 3/10 Early Spring II


HoustonSSC kickball


Free Agent Second Chance Guarantee

Having a bad experience? Second one is on us no questions asked! Free Agent players qualify if it is their first time playing with HoustonSSC and they have attended a minimum of 3 games during the season. HoustonSSC must be notified of any issues with your Free Agent team prior to week 4. Once we have been notified we will remove you from your current free agent team and place you on a different free agent team in a subsequent season.