Softball Schedule

Late Summer 2021 Thursday Softball DOUBLEHEADERS

Thursday, September 16

Backyard All-Stars, Drinks Well With Others, Free Agents, Hall of Shamers: Daddy's Back in Town, High Week, Scared Hitless, Swangin n Bangin, The Untouchaballs, We Got the Runs, Foul Ballers B, The Hit and Runners B
  Field 1
6:20 PM
  4PF B [7]
  Balls to Wall B [8]
7:15 PM
8:10 PM
  4PF B [14]
  Dirty Dingers B [6]

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

Thursday, September 30

Team Pictures
Rained Out: Games Rescheduled

Thursday, October 14

Rainout: Games Rescheduled for 10/28